5 Minute Vacations 

5 Minute Vacations – take a break from the everyday.

Take a step away from what stresses you, what gives you pain or stress and replace it with a moment to cherish.

Instead of another stimulant to keep up the pace, step back and give to yourself a moment of peace, five minutes of calm.

Give your mind and soul a vacation instead.

Book trailer

and a sneak peak at what to expect…


You arrived last night, you and your beloved to this island that is – for a time – yours alone. Relaxation came slowly, the strains of work slipping away in each other’s company, and drifting off into the balmy night air, scented with unseen tropical blooms. You wandered with idle curiosity through the little cabin, eventually showering and falling into the huge bed, wallowing in the comfort, and the joy of being with each other. Drowsy talk about things important to you and your love, and drift quietly off to sleep. The morning sun wakens you, filtering through the gauzy curtains, bringing the smell of the ocean into the room. Smiling, you turn to your beloved, wanting to be nowhere else than in their arms. A wondrous time later you emerge for breakfast.  The first bite of fresh mangoes and coconuts is a revelation of juice and flavour, bursting into your mouth. The sun beckons you out for walk along the beach in the early morning. Birds call in the dawn chorus, glad to be alive. Pottering along the beach, watching waves sparkling, the debris of the beach to be explored, with tiny crabs and shells, seaweeds and driftwood. Eventually deciding to go snorkelling, and clad in the flippers and masks, you catch sight of each other, falling over with laughter. Getting to the water, skin tingling at the first chill, you float in a new world over a multi-coloured vision of corals, fish and quick moving things and a beauty you had never dreamed existed. Drugged by the sight, you slowly emerge, meandering back to the cabin for lunch, and a whole afternoon with each other…

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