New Book

My new book is due out May 17th 2017 through Soul Mate Publishing. Stay tuned for updates either here, Facebook or Twitter

Druid’s Portal: The First Journey

Past and future blur as archaeologist Janet Tempest finds the balance of peace in Roman Britain shattered by her psychotic ex, and soldier Trajan must choose between his love for Janet and his duty to the empire.

Roman Britain 2,000 years ago was a time close to war, when the Roman invaders built Hadrian’s Wall to divide and conquer the Celts. Here two ancient cultures collided, and the tree worshipping Druids lost their religion. For Janet, a modern day archaeologist living in Newcastle upon Tyne, Hadrian’s Wall and Roman Britain has been her life. So when the pendant of the Goddess Arwen opens the time portal into the past, she thinks she knows the era. But all she knows are buildings and remnants. She knows nothing of people, and nothing of her heart – or that Roman soldier Trajan will capture it.

But her present day demons wait for her in the past. Her ex fiancé Daman has arrived before her, manipulating an ancient religion and proclaiming himself Chief Druid. Daman has had his soul torn from him by travelling the time pathways too often. Left without a conscience, he vows to destroy Janet and Trajan and march his hordes to Rome itself.

Time is running out for Janet and Trajan.

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