Tales of Science Fiction

Explore the strange journeys of human and not so human in this collection. An eclectic mix of time travel, apocalyptic futures, alien contact, poems and sentience outside the human bandwidth.

The second meteor. A future soldier reminisces. The perils of robotic guardianship. Encountering a plague planet. Cryogenics ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. Alien encounter. Deep space skating. Recovering with some help from Star Trek. A portal guardian’s earthly desires. A mission gone wrong. Time travel can fix anything. Rats are people too. For the love of cats. Universal music. Martian exploration. Against the Bugs, Earth needed a hero. What was Vessel 8 incubating? Future soldier muses. Deep space writing burnout. What are the marks in the sand? A scarf of truth.

Escape the everyday with twenty one short stories, flash fictions and poems.

Tales Of Romance

Explore the strange paths that love travels in this collection. An eclectic mix of later in life love, angsty poetry, comedy, tragedy, memory and the paranormal.

A fish laden comedy. An ode to beautiful men. The love of a forest god. What happens after the funeral? An eternal love. Finding a new path. Autumnal thoughts. Rescued from the church. Windows and past loves. A fresh start after grief. An appointment that must be kept. A chosen fate. Last memories of love. What will she find in the moonlit forest? Even a heart of stone yearns for forgiveness. The last journey.

Escape the everyday with eighteen short stories, flash fictions and poems


Tales Of Imagination

Explore the strange byways of imagination in this collection. An eclectic mix of science fiction, award winning romance, comedy, the past – the future, and the just plain weird.

A gourmand on death row – what did he do? What happened to Rudolph Senior? Wishes and a not very Christmassy present. Leave your current life for a desert town where no one knows your name. A desperate future soldier asks for a terrible gift. A deadly virtual reality. Poems on age, words and the thoughts of a woman. A preppers personal apocalypse. An evolutionary change for the better. A boy dreams of a very different life. A choice between immortality and love. An award-winning fractured fairy tale of Rapunzel.

Escape the everyday with twenty-six short stories, flash fictions and poems.

Flick the Switch

A sci fi monologue presented onstage with Madwoman Monologues. My part starts at 18.38, although they are all well worth watching, from some diverse and interesting writers.

Keith Gow reviewed the shows and commented “Jack Matthews gives an intense performance in Cindy Tomamichel’s Apocalyptic drama, Flick the Switch. Proving that you can make science fiction and drama work in the short monologue format.” You can see his full review here 

‘Tears of a Clown’ an attempt at beat poetry here

‘The Thing That Waited’ a piece of flash fiction here

‘Bus Trip‘ a flash fiction short story written in the second person on the theme of hitchhiking and travel for Issue 17 of Underground Writers. Click here to download the pdf issue.

You Can’t Stop The Music

A short comedy fantasy story, appearing for the first time on the blog of E.M.Swift-Hook (check her author interview here) and Jane Jago.