Following E. L. Doctorow’s advice on writing, here are a selection of short stories and flash fiction.

Mostly speculative fiction, but the genre varies as much as the original idea.

Click on the picture to read the story.

Flick the Switch

A sci fi monologue presented onstage with Madwoman Monologues. My part starts at 18.38, although they are all well worth watching, from some diverse and interesting writers.

Keith Gow reviewed the shows and commented “Jack Matthews gives an intense performance in Cindy Tomamichel’s Apocalyptic drama, Flick the Switch. Proving that you can make science fiction and drama work in the short monologue format.” You can see his full review here 

‘Tears of a Clown’ an attempt at beat poetry here

‘The Thing That Waited’ a piece of flash fiction here

‘Bus Trip‘ a flash fiction short story written in the second person on the theme of hitchhiking and travel for Issue 17 of Underground Writers. Click here to download the pdf issue.

You Can’t Stop The Music

A short comedy fantasy story, appearing for the first time on the blog of E.M.Swift-Hook (check her author interview here) and Jane Jago.

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