I am posting to let you know there is a marvelous new anthology out – It Takes A Village. Published by Purple Toga, it is a collection of speculative fiction authors. I am proud to be a part of this inspiring work. The world needs a few more stories that give us hope and inspire us to work towards a better future.

United by Care, Divided by Stories.

Discover how diverse tales of empathy and aid weave into the vibrant tapestry of human connection, challenging and changing us.

This speculative-fiction anthology brings together a compelling collection of science-fiction and fantasy stories that explore the profound impact of care on the human experience. From futuristic societies to intimate personal narratives, each tale delves into what it means to support one another in a world that’s often indifferent. Through the eyes of seasoned authors and fresh voices alike, this anthology unravels the threads of altruism that connect us, inviting readers to reflect on the ways we impact each other’s lives. Perfect for anyone who cherishes the power of giving and receiving care, these stories not only speculate but inspire.

With original stories by:

  • Anaïs Chartschenko
  • Assaph Mehr
  • Cindy Tomamichel
  • Douglas Lumsden
  • Eric Klein
  • Jane Jago
  • Joyce C Mandrake
  • Kody Boye
  • Marie-Hélène Lebeault
  • Meir Michael Fogel
  • Ulff Lehmann

The stories include:

  • Assorted gods (old and new)
  • A criminal trial and shadowy government agencies
  • Colony ships and interstellar travel
  • Tangible benefits on the merit of care and compassion
  • Fantasy social justice
  • Artificial Intelligence (of various flavours)
  • Utopian and Dystopian futures

So I encourage everyone to go buy a copy! But if that’s not possible, please ask for a free review copy via Story Origin just click on the link buttons below.

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