Here are a few links to some other things I have written that are available to purchase. All the anthologies are on my facebook shop as well.

I also post a few stories on my facebook page in the notes section. Click here


A permanently free collection of shiver inducing tales. My story “Waiting for Wednesdays” is a twist on a ghost whisperer story.

“Tales from Alternate Earths 2”

An awesome collection of alternate history tales that is already garnering some great reviews.

My story “The Dust in the King’s Library” puts a time travel and alternate history spin on King George. How would the world have changed without the French or American revolutions?

Click here to purchase.

Quantum Soul: A Science Fiction Anthology

I am proud to have a story in this collection of talented authors. We attempt to put a scifi twist on the question “What is Life?’

My story ‘When Words are not Enough” is a comedy. What happens when words have power and a life of their own? You can read a snippet here.

Click on the cover – or here – to read some fabulous indie authors!

Anthology Askew Vol 1: a collection of short stories and poetry.

I have two poems in this anthology of emerging writers. Click to get an ebook or paperback.

It has been getting some good reviews, such as this one from Altered Instinct. Click to read.

Anthology Askew  Vol 2: Love Gone Askew.

I have a short story about a doomsday prepper, that is definitely love gone askew. Click to get ebook or paperback.

Anthology Askew  Vol 3: Adventure Gone Askew.

I have a short story about a boy who doesn’t want  to grow up and be a dentist, and a poem. Click to purchase here.

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