Cindy is a writer of action adventure romance novels, spanning time travel, sci fi, fantasy and paranormal genres.

They all have something in common – swordfights! The heroines don’t wait to be rescued, and the heroes earn that title the hard way.

Her great grandfather crossed the world seeking new adventures in Australia. Cindy has carried on that tradition, working as a geologist in remote areas where she was the first woman to work underground. Later, she continued working as an environmental scientist, focusing on cleaning up pollution. She has travelled around Australia, living in four different states before she celebrated her second wedding anniversary. She has also explored the South Pacific, the USA and South America.

Cindy’s recent published work includes winning a fractured fairy tale competition with a twist on the Rapunzel story. The fundraising event Madwomen Monologues has presented two of her monologues on stage. She has several stories and poems in the Rhetoric Askew anthologies. A short story will appear in the June issue of Uncaged Magazine.

Despite celebrating a recent birthday by jumping out of a plane, Cindy is happiest when writing, accompanied by the sound of cat purring.

For Publishers!

I am also in the editing stage of several completed novels. If any of these descriptions sound like something you would be interested in – please get in contact with me! Click here

Wintersun: Slave, gladiator, pirate, dragon rider and commander– Grieve will do anything to fulfil his vow to destroy the ice demons, but the hardest of all will be facing his own heritage. (Adult, sword and sorcery/fantasy)

The Searcher: Human Nathaniel must search for books of power in a world in which he has no belief. Witches, dwarves, giants, mermaids, fairies, zombies and vampires will unite to stop him and the shapeshifters who aid him. (Adult, paranormal urban fantasy)

Teardrop of God: A family legacy of madness and horror unites Enid and Lance. They must find and destroy the dark gem of power before their enemies use it to initiate Armageddon. (Adult, historical/urban fantasy)

Heart of the Planet: Unorthodox female mercenaries play a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a team of thugs and killers, through a planet riddled with mutants. The prize – a treasure lost for a 1,000 years. (Adult, scifi adventure)

If you would like to hear me discuss writing and read an excerpt from Druid’s Portal: The First Journey, check out Red River Radio click here

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