A big thank you to everyone that joined in and commented during Jeanette O’Hagan’s blog tour! Here are Jeanette’s comments.


Overall winner – Nola Passmore for the most comments – always interesting and entertaining 🙂

Blog stop 1 (Jeanette) – this was so hard to choose, but I loved Susan Preston’s answer.

Blog stop 2 Vince Review  – Adam Collings

Blog stop 3  Lynne’s blog – Badger

Blog stop 4 Cindy’s blog – Paula Vince

Blog stop 5 Nola’s blog- Sally Poyzer

Blog stop 6 David’s blog – Adele Jones

Blog stop 7 Adele’s blog – Linsey Painter (also receives her choice of a book in the Blaine Colton trilogy from Adele Jones)

Blog stop 8 Adam’s Youtube/blog- some great answers & hard to choose, but as others have already received a prize, Christine Dillon (also receives a copy of Lynessa’s Curse by Adam Collings).

Jeanette will contact the winners.

Make sure you get a copy of her books, and if you are on Goodreads – add them to your reading list. It all helps an indie author get noticed, and other readers can find some great reads.

Update on Jeanette O’Hagan blog prizes
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