Anthology – “It Takes A Village”

United by Care, Divided by Stories.

Discover how diverse tales of empathy and aid weave into the vibrant tapestry of human connection, challenging and changing us.

This speculative-fiction anthology brings together a compelling collection of science-fiction and fantasy stories that explore the profound impact of care on the human experience. From futuristic societies to intimate personal narratives, each tale delves into what it means to support one another in a world that’s often indifferent. Through the eyes of seasoned authors and fresh voices alike, this anthology unravels the threads of altruism that connect us, inviting readers to reflect on the ways we impact each other’s lives. Perfect for anyone who cherishes the power of giving and receiving care, these stories not only speculate but inspire.

Underground Planet

Renegade female mercenaries and hired killers.

A treasure hidden for a thousand years.

But old secrets never die – and some treasures should remain hidden.

Inside a planet wide labyrinth of mining tunnels, metal processing, acid waste levels, and abandoned cities is a thriving, genetically engineered ecosystem of predators, prey, and mutant humans. Constantly evolving and always hungry.

It’s a race against time as the teams fight to survive the planet and each other.

There are no prizes for coming second.

Get there first – or die.


30 Organizing Tips for Writers

30 organizing tips for writers

Keen to write but lack the time?

Creativity floundering in an ocean of tasks?

Can’t focus on the important goals?

Writing can be a disorganized mess as you navigate between dreaming of become an author and actually doing the writing.

Surface from the sea of notes and lists and get those words written. 30 tips to organize your goals and tasks, social media, writing life and more – all designed to help a writer of any genre and at any stage become more skilled at juggling their time and energy.

Finish that story that lives within you and unleash it on the world. 


Tales of Romance

Explore the strange paths that love travels in this collection. An eclectic mix of later in life love, angsty poetry, comedy, tragedy, memory and the paranormal.

A fish laden comedy. An ode to beautiful men. The love of a forest god. What happens after the funeral? An eternal love. Finding a new path. Autumnal thoughts. Rescued from the church. Windows and past loves. A fresh start after grief. An appointment that must be kept. A chosen fate. Last memories of love. What will she find in the moonlit forest? Even a heart of stone yearns for forgiveness. The last journey. Escape the everyday with eighteen short stories, flash fictions and poems



Rocky Road to Love

Contemporary humorous romance set in outback Australia
Rocky Road to Love

Always wondered what it would be like to be a geologist? Or how about an archaeologist? Say g’day to Sandra and Dan in this contemporary romance set in outback Australia that is full of laughter, science, danger, and the occasional possum.

Geologist Sandra knows it is out there—the El Dorado find that will save the future of her beloved town of Broken Hill. She has dedicated her life to finding it and will let nothing stand in her way to keep her promise to her prospector grandfather.

Archaeologist Dan knows how fragile the past can be. History can be erased by the ambitious. It is his job to protect it —no matter what the cost. Dan believes Sandra’s exploration may threaten ancient sacred sites. His arrival in town disrupts all her plans.

As they explore the desert region together, their building attraction is hampered by mutual misunderstanding. Sandra’s reputation and job are under threat, and her friend’s lives are in danger. Dan must decide where his loyalties lie.

The harsh Australian desert will challenge them both, tear apart their hopes, test their love, and threaten their lives.

How will the present save the past and the future?


Tales of Imagination

Tales of Imagination
27 short stories, poems and flash fiction.

Explore the strange byways of imagination in this collection. An eclectic mix of science fiction, award winning romance, comedy, the past – the future, and the just plain weird.

A gourmand on death row – what did he do? What happened to Rudolph Senior? Wishes and a not very Christmassy present. Leave your current life for a desert town where no one knows your name. A desperate future soldier asks for a terrible gift. A deadly virtual reality. Poems on age, words and the thoughts of a woman. A preppers personal apocalypse. An evolutionary change for the better. A boy dreams of a very different life. A choice between immortality and love. An award-winning fractured fairy tale of Rapunzel.

Escape the everyday with twenty-six short stories, flash fictions and poems.




Druid’s Portal Series

Multi-generational time travel set in Roman Britain.

Druid’s Portal: The Second Journey is out on Amazon.

Early reviews called it “wildly imaginative” and “The action scenes are straight out of Indiana Jones, as well as the humor!

Time travel romance
Druid’s Portal: The Second Journey

Book Trailer

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Druid’s Portal: The First Journey came runner up in the Raven Awards for readers favourite fantasy/dark fantasy category.

The third – fifth in the series are well underway, with some extensive research. Major thanks to my lovely editor Sharon, who makes the books so much better – and encourages along the way.

I did a FutureLearn online course on Hadrian’s Wall and another on archaeology, so my research is progressing to fill in details.

Book trailer 

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Horror anthology “Haunted”

I have a short story in the permanently free anthology Haunted.

‘Waiting for Wednesday’ is a ghost whisperer story with a twist.

Horror Anthology

Alternate History anthology “Tales from Alternate Earths 2”

has my story “The Dust in the King’s Library”. A twisty tale of alternate history, time travel and the ability to make a good cup of tea. Read some more on my blog Twisted History and purchase it here.

Quantum Soul

I have a short scifi story in Quantum Soul, called “When Words Are Not Enough.” Some talented scifi authors in this collection.