Today I introduce Maggie Mundy, a writer of paranormal and contemporary fiction and author of the new release “Lost Protector” which is the final book in the Midworlder Trilogy.

What is your current project?

Lost Protector tells the story of Soren and Anne and finishes off the story of the Demonic and Angelic Midworlder aliens on Earth.

When Anne was a child, she could see angels and demons attached to people. Her aunt taught her how to rid herself of the visions. Now they are back. She has never allowed herself to get close enough to someone to find love because she was different.

Soren is an alien. He is a Midworlder, but neither, Demonic or Angelic. He has been kept alive by an Elevated alien, called Liliath for her own purposes. He wants to die rather than continue with the torture. He has dark moments when he becomes psychotic and has never believed he could find a partner.

Who would want a freak like him?

A writing routine or inspiration? What works best for you?

I plot an outline for a book. I found when I didn’t do this I spent more time going back and revising. Trust me, my characters still wander off and do what they want.

Do you have a marketing tip you can share?

If you have a blog make it more about connecting with people than about advertising your book.

What has been the most surprising thing you have discovered since being a published author? You think being published is the end of the journey, but it is just the beginning.

Your current book is a paranormal romance. What sort of research do you do for this genre?

For this book I researched about the Sydney Mardi Gras, and in previous books I studied the areas of the world the stories were situated and belief systems of where the characters were visiting. I didn’t want the angels and demons in my books based around Christianity so I created another world.

Who is your favorite bad guy and why?

This is a hard one but I think I like Loki from the Marvel movies played by the wonderful Tom Hiddleston. He is complex and you never quite understand him.

If you travelled in time, when would be your choice? Would you prefer magical or technological means of travel?

Magical, and I would like to go back to Dallas and see who really killed JFK.

What do you like to read, and has this changed over time?

I used to read fantasy and now I read more paranormal and contemporary romance.

What is the next project?

It is a contemporary romance called A Road Trip to Happiness. It is the story of a woman who gets her life back when she thought it was all falling apart.

People want to know more! Where can we buy the latest book and where are you on the internet?



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Maggie Mundy: Author interview
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  • August 26, 2017 at 10:05

    Thanks you for having me on your blog today. I loved writing this trilogy and hope people enjoy reading it too.

    • August 26, 2017 at 13:31

      My pleasure Maggie, thanks for stopping by. Now, everyone go and get one of Maggie’s books!

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