Today I introduce R.S. Chapman, an American writer and fellow Soul Mate author of the recently released western romance book “The Rancher’s Conditions”.

What is your current project?

Presently I’m ‘spiffing’ up a second novel, due to be published in about 4 months. It’s “Joshua’s Wish”, in which a young widow falls for the town’s most eligible bachelor whose memories of a previous marriage block any chance of commitment.

A writing routine or inspiration? What works best for you?

A routine works best, once I have found my inspiration.

What do you like to read, and has this changed over time?

I’m a sucker for a good romance. Not much interested in heroes. Women are ALWAYS more interesting than men!

What has been the most surprising thing you have discovered since being a published author?

How difficult learning the ropes and my way around this entire process. I have a doctorate, but damn! This is NOT easy…

Tell us about a life experience that ended up in your fiction work.

I am (although mostly was now) a person who stutters, and the young boy in ‘Joshua’s Wish’ is based on this problem.

Your recent book The Rancher’s Conditions is western romance. Do you write in other genres, and if so what?

I have several screenplays in Science Fiction and crime.

If you travelled in time, when would be your choice? Would you prefer magical or technological means of travel?

I’d rush back to Civil war times, via stagecoach.

You wrote your books earlier in your career. How did it feel to reread them and did you have to make many changes?

My college writing was interrupted by a 40+ year stint as a dentist, so I merely revitalized them. So far, I have five contracts with SMP.

What is the next project?

Still working on three more romances (kinda scattered…)

People want to know more! Where can we buy the latest book and where are you on the internet?




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Rod Chapman: author interview
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