The world of science fiction is waiting with bated breath as tomorrow sixteen authors reveal their answers to the question – What is Life?

This anthology is a collection of indie and hybrid (self/traditional) authors.

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There is a facebook launch event on Oct 19 for it – click on this link to tell us you are interested!

Lots of fun chat, competitions and some great new authors to find – hope to see you there.





Here is a sneak peak at the contents:

By Design by Alan Van Meter

What Measure is a Homunculus? by Ricardo Victoria

New Year by GD Deckard

The Machine in the Mountain by Darran Handshaw

Aether Technician by Jim Webster

When Words are not Enough by Cindy Tomamichel

Soul Mates by Victor Acquista

The Endymion Device by Lyra Shanti

Patient Data by Claire Buss

The Trees of Trappist by Brent A. Harris

Pixels by Greg Krojac

Wondrous Strange by E.M. Swift-Hook

The Dream Miner’s Drill by CB Droege

Project Chameleon by Jeanette O’Hagan

Second Contact by Leo McBride

Shepherd of Memory by Rob Edwards

And edited by the talented Eric Michael Craig.

The links take you to their Amazon pages where you can seee what else they write. Remember – Christmas is coming, and there is no finer or more welcome present than a good book!


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New Scifi Anthology: Quantum Soul
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