The team at Rhetoric Askew have been busy – a new release in their short story and poetry anthology series is out today!

The theme for this was “Communication” and here is what team Askew said about the topic:

They say “we (Askewmates) have been through a lot together, and we’ve only just begun. This year we have explored the Collective Perspective, Love Gone Askew, and Askew Adventures. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, but more importantly we’ve communicated with each other. We’ve grown to know each other through the worlds we’ve shared, the worlds created by our authors and artists.

Communication is a strange thing. It comes in many different forms, whether it’s a written message, a phone call, or signals from another planet, communication ties us together and continues to evolve with each generation. But what happens when communication goes askew?

Let’s find out together…”

An interesting theme, and I will be interested to read the stories!


It is available at

all the information will be available soon at:


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New Anthology release day
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